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"Spot on! If people don't come, it's their loss"

Barrie Draper

"Absolutely beautiful. I would put any of my dogs around there."

Charlie Lister

Contact Details
Dunham Greyhound Centre, Field House Farm, Dunham Road, Darlton Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0TA
Telephone : Mobile 07739 596 633
Website : www.dunhamgreyhoundcentre.co.uk
About Dunham Greyhound Centre
Dunham Greyhound Centre is an evolving complex that has recently opened a state of the art greyhound track that is purpose built to be the elite schooling/trialling facility in the Country. We have laid 1100 tons of top quality WBB Silica Sand to give the best running surface possible, even under severest weather conditions.

The County has had a huge amount of rain in July and August, yet the track has always been safe and race-able and visitors often surprised and what a consistent and well drained track it is.

The centre is also home to greyhound trainer
Jane Houfton and her kennel of 80 dogs currently in the process of switching tracks from Sheffield to Nottingham.

As well as training and schooling greyhounds, Dunham Greyhound Centre also offers rearing and whelping facilities with the best food and attention guaranteed at every stage of the greyhounds development.

Dunham Greyhound Centre - when and where.....
Dunham Track is set in the beautiful countryside of Nottinghamshire. It is based on the A57 road linking East Markham to Lincoln. The track is open Monday through to Saturday and trials take place between 10.00am and 2.00pm. It is advised to contact us to book a trial slot before arrival to ensure availability.

The track itself is brand new and has a circumference of 440m, to put this into context, the only other tracks in the country bigger than Dunham are Sittingbourne, Hove and Swindon. The wide bends are perfectly cambered with long straights which dogs find easy to run first look. We trial over 275 meters for the sprint, 480 meters for the four bends and 705 meters for the six bend trip.
Digital Timing
Trials are all digitally timed using the Alge Timing System. Each runner receives a digital print out of the trial which records the following splits....

Sprint distance records a sectional to the first bend and the winning line.
Standard distance records a sectional at the winning line first time, the third bend and finally a finishing time at the line.
Stayers distance records sectionals at the first bend, the winning line first time, the fifth bend and finally the finish time.

Call 07739 596 633 for more information about Dunham Greyhound Centre